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The Travel Retail & Duty Free market, also called the 6th Continent, is one of the fastest growing markets with the online channel.

With the rising number of passengers, 4.4 Billion air trips in 2018 (ICAO), airports, airlines or cruise lines are today the greatest opportunity to physically connect brands with captive customers.

Big international corporations such as Luxottica, Lacoste, LVMH or Moncler are investing heavily in this channel to reinforce their international premium brand awareness. With Blue Storks as a partner, this market is also accessible for smaller brands.

Blue Storks is giving the opportunity for new rising stars to promote their brands on all continents and all main duty free channels:

Inflight, airports (duty free, duty paid, airside, landside), cruises, ferries, airlines, border shops, diplomatic stores, military bases, hotels, resorts, international railway stations and loyalty programs.

Our brand partners can get access to Billion of customers in a competitive short period of time. Dubai International Airports counts for 89 million passengers per year. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport for 72 million. Emirates Airlines carries almost 60 million passengers.



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