Our story

After having developed the Travel Retail & Duty Free markets for the watch brands ICE-WATCH and DANIEL WELLINGTON, Arnaud Fauvarque and Frederik Westelinck, have decided to create their own commercial agency in 2014.


In few years, Blue Storks became the biggest and the best commercial agency for fashion & accessories in the Travel retail & Duty Free market, with listings in more than 150 airports, 100 cruise-ships and ferries and 135 airlines.


With this first success story, the co-founders have decided in 2018 and 2019:

-to invest in their 1st in-house brand, LA BOUCLE belts, www.laboucle.com

-to extend the scope of the agency to a selective network of premium domestic retailers in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany & Switzerland

-to invest in premium fire-proof displays and a team 100% dedicated to the 360° management of POP-UP & permanent concept stores

-to buy an office and showroom of 550 sqm on the top of a post-industrial building with a breathtaking view on the city center of Brussels.

Blue Storks is today, with a team of 12 talented "Storkies", one of the leading distribution and wholesale platforms for the development of premium brands for the Global Travel Retail & Duty Free and the domestic markets for Western Europe.

Our portfolio became a smart combination of innovative and trendy HERO brands that are sold in the best concept & department stores worldwide.

We focus on concepts with the following characteristics: premium travel or practical essentials, the specialist in one product category, quality, colourful, premium gift, premium packaging, fair premium price (not cheap, not expensive, just right), commercial, international, inter-generational, for business and leisure, strong on social medial and with a focus on sustainability to face social and environmental challenges.

Our Community

You are part of the new generation of people always looking for convenient accessories that make your daily life and actions more comfortable. But you don’t want to compromise your style.

You are one of those who believes that wearing a 3-piece suits, a classic tie and a heavy briefcase everyday at work is part of the past. Instead of waiting for the casual Friday, you consider that jeans, minimal sneakers and sometimes a blazer with a stylish pouch should be the new business casual outfit.

You've got a so called “active life” with full weeks and busy week-ends. Always on the move, you need to wear comfortable clothes and accessories that can be worn for different activities within the same day.

Weather it is a vacation or a business trip, you enjoy travelling light, free from all unnecessary things. Your bag and outfits should be limited to the strict minimum in order to pack in a few seconds before departure. All items you take with you should be light, smart, convenient and highly comfortable to create this feeling of freedom.


It doesn't matter if your are French, English, Spanish, German.. You are a citizen of the world and your actions have a global impact. Instead of buying cheap products that fade out quickly, you prefer to consume less but better. The price should be fair and the quality excellent in order to have an item that can have a real longevity.


You are a person with a positive mindset that doesn’t take yourself too seriously. Yet smart, you are not afraid to challenge the conservative codes imposed by society. And you like to stand out with some accessories, even colourful ones.


You are conscious about the world's ecological issues. You've already started to change some habits. But you are so busy that the best you can do is to choose carefully what you buy.


If you feel that you are part of this community, join us and let's change the world for the better.