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Our story

The commercial agency Blue Storks has been created in 2014 in Brussels/Belgium by Arnaud Fauvarque and Frederik Westelinck.

Always looking for the extra mile, Blue Storks in 4 years has become time the biggest and the best commercial agency for fashion & accessories in the Travel retail & Duty Free market.


Today, Blue Storks is active in more than 150 airports, 100 cruises and ferries and 130 airlines, with a team of 12 talents.

In 2018, Blue Storks has taken over a new challenge by creating its first in-house brand: La Boucle - the ultimate belt, designed by travellers for travellers.

In 2019, the cofounders also launched their own pop-up concept stores called ICONS, which gather the most wanted "fashion & accessories" brands.

With the new generation of consumers that are constantly connected with easy access to information and prices comparison, the brick-and-mortar retail has become a real challenge for brands and retailers.

Customers are looking for more than well known international brands at a "duty free" price and available online with one click at a cheaper price. They want to be surprised by innovative concepts which bring a positive experience.

As being the best wholesale & retail platform for Fashion & Accessories brands for the Global Travel Retail & Duty Free market, Blue Storks is bringing the Cherry on the Cake. A cherry made of innovative concepts that will create impulse purchase and make the retail experience different and exciting for travellers. A cherry also highly profitable in terms of sales per square meter for the retailers and landlords.

Our portfolio is a smart combination of innovative and trendy HERO brands that are sold in the best concept & department stores worldwide. We focus on concepts with the following characteristics: premium travel essential, the specialist in one product category, quality, colourful, premium gift, premium packaging, fair price (not cheap, not expensive, just right), commercial, international, inter-generational, for business and leisure, strong on social medial and with a focus on sustainability to face social and environmental challenges.


Our aim is to go from We are cheaper - Buy in our shop! to We are full of surprises - Connect with us!

In addition to our brands portfolio, Blue Storks also provides the best services, from the management of pop-up concept stores for market activation to sales staff trainings.

The Cherry

Young, upcoming and innovative brands sold in the best concept and department stores worldwide.

The Cream

Blue Storks - the wholesale & retail platform for fashion & accessories brands in the Global Travel Retail.

The Cake

Well-known international brands which generate a stable turnover.

Our mission