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We connect travellers with young, dynamic and  innovative fashion accessory brands.



The Travel Retail & Duty Free is commonly known for the distribution of well-known international fashion & luxury brands.

But today those brands are available everywhere even at a lower price.

For this reason, since 2014 our mission is to bring new, young, dynamic, innovative concepts to the travel retail market.

We serve 3 stakeholders:

-The Traveller, who is positively surprised with something innovative, affordable and practical.  

-The Retailer, which is looking to optimise its profit per sqm. and stand out with a surprising offer.

-And the Brand, which is looking for an international & premium exposure.

Blue Storks acts as the Number 1 supplier with a mix of mono-product brands.

Each brand is the leader of its category and is focused on one practical product transformed into a fashionable and premium retail concept.

The specialist for Fashion Accessory Brands in the Travel Retail

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#1 for Fashion & Accessory

+10 Years Experience

Pioneering Brands

Worldwide Presence

Premium Nework


While the brands stay focused on managing their fast growth in core domestic markets, our team works hard to develop the distribution in the travel retail, a niche and complicated network of key accounts.

Blue Storks offers you a platform with all the services to succeed.


We act as a small and dynamic group such as Essilor Luxoticca or LVMH. But with a portfolio of young and dynamic brands having an outstanding sales per square meter ratio in high traffic retail spaces.

Each year Blue Storks is presented at the Tax Free World Association with a stand. Around 150 meetings are scheduled in advance to make the match between the brands and the retailers.


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